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08_2The Swiss Embassy in Ukraine initiated an art project, which will result in creating murals on the wall of the building of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Sumy National Agrarian University.


Swiss artist Matias Amsler, known as Pollo7, applied his own sketch to the wall of the building in just one day, and is now actively engaged in coloring it. The rider on the snail, which is a symbol of friendship, will be a magnificent decoration of not only the university, but also the whole city of Sumy, because people come to Sumy NAU to observe the work of the famous Swiss street art artist.

As for the implementation of the Ukrainian part of the project, our artists Nadia Bilokur and Roman Linnyk have already begun active preparations for drawing a picture on the wall of one of the buildings of the project's main partner - Sumy NAU. The theme of friendship will also be revealed on the Ukrainian mural, but here, unlike the image of a fast rider sadly slipping a slow snail, there will be a more delicate drawing, namely the image of a girl with a bird.

This big artistic event was organized in honor of the “Help Point Sumy” project, which was launched in 2006 by Marianne Piffaretti and has been transporting important humanitarian goods to our city for over 20 years.


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