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Main page News General news The winners of the mini-grants contest in the framework of the Czech project are announced at SNAU

08_3On September 6, 2017, the official announcement of the winners of mini-grants contest was held in order to support the scientific activities of students and young scientists of SNAU, as well as student self-government initiatives.


The contest for mini-grants to support the scientific activities of students and young scientists had a total budget of about 20 thousand hryvnias, the fund of mini-grants to support student self-government initiatives amounted to 10 thousand hryvnias. Students and post-graduate students of any year of study, representatives of students' self-government were invited to participate in the competition.

Consequently, the list of winners of the contest is as follows:

1.Linus Joshua Baca (Ways And Factors That Affect Student's Motivation To Study - A Case Study of Sumy National Agrarian University, Sumy – Ukraine).

2.Olha Turchenko (Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Microstimulin (Brovafarma Ltd)

3. Anna Hlukhodid (Competence Requirements of the Agrarian Labor Market of Ukraine)

4.Daria Kryvulya (Successful Life Workshop Development at Sumy National Agrarian University)

The activities within the framework of a scientific project will be related to various aspects of the scientific work of young scientists, and within the framework of the development project, with different aspects of university life and the active position of students aimed at the development of the university. Working language is English. The term of projects implementation is September-October 2017.

We sincerely congratulate you, the first participants of the project management of SNAU! It was a first small step for SNAU in this area, but a serious professional jump for you. Let your projects succeed and become just the first step in your scientific career to get serious grants and achievements!

At the end of September 2017, the first visits of the Czech experts on the development of the quality of education at SNAU are expected this academic year. In the summer of 2018, an international summer school for students and postgraduates in sustainable development is planned.


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